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 Should you require a estimate on your landscape project please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a project assessment and project cost pertaining to your particular situation.  If the desired project is detailed in nature, a consultation or site visit will be required.  This visit will allow us to properly assess all the "unknowns" associated with your project.


During a consultation visit, the following items will be discussed:

 1) Site Orientation: We review the layout of your property, offering ideas and alternatives relevant to your wants and needs. The goal is to determine your properties potential and communicate those design possibilities to you. You may also have idea's/concepts, we will happily discuss those with you as well.
2) Material Selection and Cost: Provide you with information pertaining to tool & material selections, material costs and the best places to get them.
3) Educate: Teach you correct installation procedures/techniques required to complete a project. Something many "DIY" books and television shows may not take into account (due to your particular situation or geographical environment). Therefore, we are able to show you real scenarios and outcomes for your vision, which may or may not be possible.
- To help visualize some of the conceptes we will bring along various portfolio books and pictures -
The goal is to provide you with information and advice before you break ground. The more eduacted/infomred you are, the better prepared you'll be when starting a project.


A consultation usually consists of a 1 to 2 hour visit (can vary according to project size and location), starting at a cost of $100.00 per visit. If you decide to commission for any service (construction, design work, etc.) we will rebate the amount towards the cost of that service.


Almac Landscapes believes in listening to the needs and wants of their clients. Together, we can make your vision a reality.

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