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A landscape plan provides many benefits to the client:
     - It becomes a visual representation of the client’s long range goals.
     - It eliminates discrepancies between client and landscaper regarding the finished product.
     - Client and landscaper are forced to explore and discuss various ways to create an ideal design.
     - Multiple phases can easily be established and developed accordingly.
     - It is more economical and allows the homeowner to properly budget for the project. A carefully prepared plan will always be a more cost-saving          project.
     - Computerized landscape designs (2 dimensional & 3 dimensional) allow for a higher level of detail, greater accuracy and professionalism.


​Should a landscaping plan be to your advantage, we recommend you commission us to prepare a designed drawing drawing which usually takes 4 to 5 visits to complete.

- On our first visit we recommend you locate your "Real Property Report" and have it present as we conduct a walk through of your property. An open dialogue between both parties helps to determine what concepts are appropriate for the clients needs/wants and budget. During our initial visit we will bring our landscape portfolio book indicating various before and after projects completed in the Calgary area. We find this is useful in informing the client about the unlimited possibilities in landscaping development.
- Subsequent second, third, or fourth visits will fine tune the design or concept. Measurements are taken, slopes and water drainage issues are addressed, building materials are selected and city bylaws are reviewed.
- On the final visit you will be presented with a computer rendered design.  A project cost will also be provided as it pertains to some or all of the design elements.

We find that this process enables the client to easily communicate their needs and wants, while eliminating most misunderstandings.  You the client, need to be able to visualize the project while knowing that the design address's your needs and compliments your lifestyle.

Please note: that as all projects vary in size and complexity, a 3d rendering may not be applicable for your situation.  This will be discussed during the early stages of the landscape process.


Design fees will vary and start around $800. Your design cost will vary according to project size and location (if located outside the City of Calgary). This cost is refundable against the construction cost.

Our design work is not limited to construction, we also provide design services for plant installation.

Almac also provides a consultation service designed to impart our ideas, knowledge, and expertise to those clients wishing to complete their own project. We recommend a 1 to 2 hour consultation which starts at $100.00 per visit (depending on location).

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